thread by: Mushishi Dated: 03-Feb-2013

Can't post FR so I post at here
I've been cheong many time but this is my 1st FR because of my poor English but I think i need to share this good place with all cheong brothers

After finish clubbing suddenly fell horny so decide to find a place for 2nd round, then remember a new open pub near cheras~ so walk in and order some beer to drink, suddenly got OKT come ask want girl to accompany to drink or direct go room have fun. Haha immediate notice the pub is a place for me to cheong
After drink 1 jug beer with my friend and quickly finish it and ask okt bring some girl to mirror see this girl keep smile a polite face keep looking at me make me more hunger for sex. After pick the girl we go to the room near the pub.

Get in the room we both take off cloth and saw her have a small boobs....kinda disappointed.... Since already pay i just have to accept reality, get in to bath room together shower she start cleaning my dick and suddenly playing with my ass hole! Feel kinda geli but she keep smile and seem enjoying
After cleaning get in to bed start with a hug a she start kiss my body from top to bottom then my hand also start playing with her small boobs...
Few minutes have pass she start to BJ me slowly and I play her soft long hair
My dick now is hard and I start with missionary when i try to put in i already can fell her pussy is damn small and hard to get in( hell yea she giving me a virgin feel) after awhile my dick went soft suddenly!!! (maybe drink too much) feel abit shame, so I request DATY and she say yes~ play the pussy with my tongue an my finger... She keep moaning and getting wet, my didi is hard again so I continue my duty ;) this time I ask her doggy and we play awhile and I feel tired and last my cheong finish with the cowride style.
After finish we go back to the pub and find my friend, OKT come to greet, pass me a warm water to drink.
This place only serve tomyam, I think got 10-15 tomyam there~ is ok for a group cheonging since it can provide many girls in same time
Please forgive me if got any typo error or my poor language

Burger21 Sun, 03 Feb 2013 23:20:12 +0800 try this bro... I sure u satisfy u...

Mushishi Mon, 04 Feb 2013 10:37:57 +0800
I prefer

am Tue, 05 Feb 2013 19:45:46 +0800
which area bro, bkt bintg?
can state dmge as well ><

Mushishi Tue, 05 Feb 2013 19:51:53 +0800
Is at cheras business centre~


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